Sunday, March 30, 2008

Flagon and Cups for Chinese Liquor

chinese liquor flagon
This is a handmade Chinese liquor flagon. It is one of fancy ethnic handicraft in China, which is made of unique Chinese Ericaceae Wood. Fill this flagon with Chinese liquor and drink with friends and family. That is a traditional custom in the ethnic group. And anyone owns this flagon to stand a man's great taste. It's just what I wanted! I don't know whether Chinese liquor as popular as barley-bree or beer abroad.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Beautiful and famous ethnic handcrafts made of wood, silver

wooden craft

Manual craft in the Yi ethnic group's daily life and production play an extremely important role. Not only guarantee their daily needs, but also from manual production process derived form the trail effect of the concentrated expression of the Chinese ethnic folk arts and handcrafts style characteristics.
Yi ethnic group's handicraft is beautiful and diverse. There are typical of ethnic characteristics of the traditional manual process mainly wooden lacquerware, silver, textiles, embroidery arts, paintings and many others. The most important are their wooden lacquerware and silver arts that have been famous in the domestic and overseas.
wood handcraftswooden hand-made crafts

Specially, Wooden lacquer ware is in the tradition of their daily necessities, but also very unique handicrafts, has a few thousand years of history. Now some of exquisite wooden lacquer ware, such as wooden plates, wood bowls, wooden cups, etc. in Qing Dynasty is still preserved in the Palace Museum in Beijing. The Yi ethnic group's wooden lacquerware is used to be made of high-quality Chinese wood and unique paiting by the pure hand-made fully. Each handcraft demonstrates the ethnic talent and the superb skills. As a valuable appreciation and collection, the wooden handicrafts are is popular among people in many countries such as Britain, France, Japan, Switzerland and so on.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easten Chinese one of ethical costume

The Yi ethnic group has colorful and a great variety of fineries. And the clothing styles are as many as 300 species. Because the old ethnic group worships the nature, they were used to decorate their fineries closely linked daily life and production. Their clothing is very unique national style for everyone has to dress according with own gender, age, and many other elements. Overall, apparel is characterized by simple and unique. The Yi ethnic group has been maintained the integrity of this ethical traditional costumes of cultural identity since the beginning of time.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chinese ethnic people are good at both singing and dancing

Fire Dancechinese national culture, dance and sing
The Yi ethnic group has a long history and ancient culture, which is rich in folk music and the arts. All the people are like dance and music very much. There are many types of musical instruments that can be classified according to modern instruments including Yu-kin, Three-stringed Fiddle, Horns Erh-hu ("Erh-hu", the 2-stringed fiddle, the most widely prevalent instrument in China, know by the name of "Hu Qin".) and wind instrument bronze reed
pipes, bronze drums and other percussion instruments. At the same time the people creates lots of diverse forms of dance such as TaGe(like that tap-dances), Flower Drum, Fire dance, Bell dance, Toast dance and many more. All of these are rich strong interest in life and ethnic character. That is a one of unique ethical culture among dozens of Chinese ethnic people.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Start blog today!

Today I will start my first blog here. It is so wonderful! I live in a National area in the southwest of China. There are kindly, virtuous and friendly people in my beautiful hometown. They made lots of traditional national-featured handicrafts have enjoyed high popularity both at home and abroad. These purely handmade crafts are very valuable for collection.
All of them stand for the unique national culture of Chinese. If you are interesting in China or Chinese Culture, don't miss that.